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Welcome to EAGLE!

EAGLE - A project aiming at exploring learning opportunities between generations .....

Out now: The report PDF 'Intergenerational Learning in Europe -  
Policies, Programmes & Practical Guidance
' presents the final results
of EAGLE, which aimed at observing, analysing, experimenting
and mainstreaming intergenerational learning activities in Europe.

EAGLE or ‘European Approaches to Inter-Generational Lifelong Learning’ builds upon different existing aspects in individual lives and in society at large and in learning across age groups and generations, especially in the light of an increasingly aging population, the substantial demographic changes caused hereby and on the constant need for re-qualification and re-generation within the concept of Lifelong Learning (LLL).

EAGLE concentrates on the field of inter-generational as well as later life learning processes within the frameworks of formal and – of specific importance – non-formal, informal and autonomous learning.

Discuss with us 
'The International and European Future of Intergenerational Activities'!

Please consult the PDF Discussion Paper and click here for your
contributions, feedback and reflections!

EAGLE wants to generate insight into:

  • the potential as well as the limitations of trans-, inter-generational formal and informal learning;
  • the policies, concepts, analyses, frameworks, experiences in place and empirical evidence available;
  • the models of good practice developed in order to formulate policy and practice recommendations.
More EAGLE Results online!
Explore the European and National Overviews on
  Policies, Programmes & Initiatives, the Practice Showcase,
  The EAGLE Toolkit of Intergenerational Activites etc .....

The core activities of EAGLE will be:

  • to experiment, pilot and validate a set of inter-generational learning approaches;
  • to support the exchange of ideas and experiences of learning between the generations;
  • to create professional dialogue between researchers, developers, practitioners, age group representatives, policy consultants and policy makers;
  • to contribute and to encourage new, innovative and alternative learning pathways of (adult) education;
  • to encourage a new inter-generational contract in private and professional lives of European citizens.

EAGLE is a European cooperation project in the field of adult education, funded by the European Commission within the SOCRATES programme, GRUNDTVIG action.

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For information on national level and/or in your mother tongue
please contact your national EAGLE Partner Organisation!

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